Pedri aims to lead Barcelona to overthrow Atletico Madrid.

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Barcelona young midfielder Pedri is preparing for a crucial game against Atletico Madrid in La Liga on Sunday.

Barcelona’s Spanish midfielder Pedro Gonzalez Lopez Pedri stressed the importance of winning against Atletico Madrid in Liga on Sunday. Even though Atletico’s away game will be a tough and complex one. According to ‘Deario Sport’ on Friday. 

‘We know it will be a complex game and it will be difficult for a situation like last year to repeat. But hopefully there will be games like that.’ said Pedri.

The 20-year-old insists winning La Liga is one of the main goals of the Azulgrana squad this season. And we will do our best for it.’ UFABET

‘When we play well and are in good physical condition. The game we play is unstoppable. It’s true that we haven’t won a trophy like this. But the style of Barca, adapting to today’s football. It could have contributed a lot to the title and the win and we will see that soon.’

The Spain international also spoke about his progress at Barcelona. Hhinting that there is still room for his future development.

‘Every coach I had told me that I needed to improve in that area. I know I have to I can improve many things. To make decisions, to reach more space, to work more for the team.’