The Rules of Bingo game.

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Bingo game of probability. You begin by purchasing a card to play, which contains a selection of numbers. Numbers then get called at random. When they are present on your card, you eliminate them. The aim is to cross off off a predetermined line, pattern (4 corners, letter X, letter T, etc.), or all the numbers on the card before others do to claim a prize.

Bingo (also known as 75-Card Bingo and Pattern Bingo) is played on a 5×5 grid with 25 squares. (24 numbered squares and one blank square in the middle). The five horizontal columns are identified by a letter, running from left to right. That spells out B-I-N-G-O. Each of the 5 vertical columns will contain a selection of random numbers chosen from the next consecutive 14 numbers; i.e. B has a range of 1 to 15, I ranges from 16 to 30, N ranges from 31 to 45, G ranges from 46 to 60 and O has a range of 61 to 75.

When playing in person.

A bingo caller will announce the randomly generated numbers one at a time. These can be generated in different ways. Though traditionally they come from a spherical bingo machine that has balls mixed up in a container. If you are playing online, these will be generated by a Random Number Generator (or RNG) and instead of someone calling them out. They will appear onscreen. UFABET 

When playing in a physical location. You should be aware of bingo parlance. Many callers use descriptive words and phrases to add to the fun of the game and to improve clarity. Britain lays claim to inventing “Bingo Lingo”. Or the slang, rhymes, puns and phrases that correspond to each number. For example, the number 8 is known as ‘Garden Gate’ and 85 is ‘Staying Alive’.

Should the number called be on your ticket, then you can mark it off. The aim is to mark off the following:

  • Four Corners – Crossing off the number in four corners of your card.
  • Line – A line of numbers crossed off horizontally across the card consisting of five numbers.
  • Two Lines – Two lines crossed off horizontally across the card consisting of five numbers.
  • Full House – All the numbers on the ticket get crossed off. You must then call ‘bingo’ to win the largest prize in the game.