Alexander-Arnold withdraws from England’s Euro qualifiers

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England have lost another player, with Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold out of the squad for Euro 2024 qualifiers.

Gareth Southgate’s England side have lost one more player after Manchester City winger Jack Grealish, who handed off his leave, is now Trent Alexander-R. Nold Midfielder from Liverpool who is not available for national service in the Euro 2024 qualifying queue and warm-up this month.

“The Roaring Lions” are in great shape for the Euro 2024 qualifying queue having won four games. In a row with only four games left to play. In a system that automatically selects the top 2 to advance to the final round in Germany. สมัคร ufabet

As for the queue this month, England has only one Euro qualifying match, away to Ukraine this Saturday, Sept. 9. On the free day, there is an appointment with neighbor Scotland to play a warm-up 150th Anniversary Heritage Match at Hampden Park, City. Glasgow

Yesterday it was confirmed that Jack Grealish is injured and unavailable for national service. After being unnamed, helping the agency play a Premier League game. Winning 5-1 against Fulham on Saturday.

The most recent one Alexander-Arnold. Who was also injured and will not be ready to help England play in both games that are waiting

For Grealish, it’s a thigh problem. But it’s not heavy. It is expect that he will have to rest his legs for a short time, but Trent looks more hurt. They must undergo a thorough examination in order to reach an opinion.

As of now, Southgate has not issued any summons to replace Grealish and Alexander-Arnold.