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The body sends a warning message about dehydration

The body sends a warning message about dehydration. Dehydration is a condition in which the body loses more water than it receives. When our body loses too much water, it affects our circulatory system and organs. The body cannot function normally. If the body is

How do you know it’s “obesity”?

How do you know it’s “obesity“? Obesity is a condition in which the body has accumulated more fat than normal or more than the body can burn. Therefore, the remaining energy is stored in the form of fat in various organs. Which is at risk

Ancelotti welcomes Arda Guler goal.

Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti congratulates Arda Guler after the player scored his first goal for the football club. The Whites defeated Celta Vigo 4-0 in La Liga last Sunday night. Los Blancos now have 69 points from 28 games played, 7 points ahead of

7 “stress relief” foods, delicious, good

school age, working age like us Both studying and working for 5 consecutive days for many years. Where will the test scores be? Where will the job be assessed again? Must be very stressful for many people, right? So let’s find a way to relieve stress easily. By eating better

6 popular fruits, as high in calories

“You can have a good figure because you eat fruits and vegetables.” We don’t argue about this. because to lose weight I have to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Eat less flour and sugar. But it’s not that the fruit that you eat will not have any sugar. Some fruits are